Entangled pedagogy


The ability to edit and revise easily using a word processor is a significant advance to writing by hand. You can make changes, delete or move paragraphs, and experiment with different ideas without having to rewrite everything from scratch. This automaticity, is something which has to be learned by the student so that they fluently think as they write and revise.

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Set an open writing task for any subject where imaginative, analytical, persuasive or reflective writing is the task. Students should be able to use their imagination within the scope of the task. Touch typing is needed to develop speed and fluency in later year levels.


Open word processor and create a new file
Write your first draft and leave it for a day
Go back to your first draft and do not print it. You are going to learn over time how to re-draft as you think and read your writing.
As you make changes, consider the following ideas:
Is there anything that is superfluous to what you are trying to say?
Is there enough information in your writing or will your reader need more?
Is there anything that needs to be in a different order?
Are there words that don’t feel right? Have you accessed the online thesaurus to see if a different word feels better?


Students should be given a choice of how to approach the piece of writing – some like to plan, some like just to write, some like to talk about their piece of writing with someone else, some like to just think about their writing before they start. Sometimes it is useful for students to have a model of writing on which to base their own writing. There should be room within the class to allow for these different approaches.

Some students could also use voice to text to create their draft. You can find this tool in most word processing apps.

Technology used:

Word processing apps include: Microsoft Word, OneNote, Google Docs, Apple Pages etc.

Formative Assessment:

Peer assessment, self-assessment, asking questions such as those above,

Summative Assessment:

According to the piece of writing teachers will either provide a rubric or criteria for assessment.